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How we started…

Grandmothers!We’re Susan and Kathy, founders of Grandmother’s House Boutique. We started out as friends who shared the same hobbies. Now we’ve expanded our hobby into a business. The good news? We’re still friends! 

As two young mothers we loved decorating our homes and working in our gardens. We would spend our extra time painting, sewing, making wood crafts and arranging flowers, all in an effort to make our homes more unique and beautiful. One day we were sitting around a dinner table, working on our newest creative venture and thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a place where we could sell some of our own creations and see if others enjoy them as much as we do?” 

Thus, Grandmother’s House Boutique was born. We held our first show in 1981 in the humble surroundings of a small clubhouse in our southeast Denver neighborhood, long before we earned our own titles as “Grandma.”  

Our Vision

Now in our 30th year we have expanded our business to accommodate the creative talents of over 150 vendors nationwide. We are grateful to offer one of the finest gift shows in the state, taking pride in the outstanding quality, tremendous variety, and inviting ambience of the present day Grandmother’s House Boutique. We operate un0der the belief that we have something for everyone – both young and old, male and female, craft lovers and discriminating shoppers. We are committed to helping you find the gifts you need and even some you don’t! We love what we do, and whether you’re a first time customer or one of our many “regulars”, we thank you for helping to make our dreams into a reality.